Expanding Horizons: The Pretty Prep Studios Embraces Franchising

Hi Guys!

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you all. Pretty Prep Studios is growing and evolving, and I am now turning it into a franchise!

My beloved sites in Ashford and Canterbury continue to be owned and run by me. I absolutely love working with local brides and venues close to where I live and helping them to have the best wedding morning ever!

But now, I’m ready to write a new chapter. I am delighted to introduce Alice, who is in the process of becoming a franchisee. Alice is planning to open a new site in the Hadlow/East Peckham area and as long as we can find the perfect commercial property then we should be good to launch this Spring! This expansion aims to cater to the brides and bridal parties getting married in local venues like The Plough at Leigh and Tonbridge Castle, among others.

Just yesterday, Alice and I went on a commercial property shopping spree. It was a an amazing day and I loved getting to know Alice more! Do you know when you find them people in life that are ‘your people’ well she is certainly that! She reminds me a lot of myself and after getting to know her, I know that she will be amazing at running a Pretty Prep Studios and helping brides have the best wedding morning!

Now, you might be wondering, why franchising? The answer is simple. am only one person, and while have big ambitions to bring The Pretty Prep Studios all over the UK, realise that I can’t do that on my own. Brides deserve the love and attention which pride myself on giving, and don’t want to spread myself too thin and loose that personal touch. This is why I want to bring in ambitious, lovely, and amazing people into the business to help it grow.

Afterall, I have done all the hard work building a booking system, writing down processes, building the brand.. and well… becoming award winning (| still do a happy dance when I write that!) it absolutely makes sense to franchise. This is a significant step for The Pretty Prep Studios.

By embracing franchising, I aim to bring the perfect ‘Get Ready’ locations closer to you, owned by amazing, handpicked franchisees.

On that note, if you know of anyone who might like to jump on board The Pretty Prep Studios Franchise Train please get them to contact me!

Eeeek it’s very exciting times! Stay tuned for more updates!